30 seconds to make one – much better results

Making a Docpack is super-simple. In a few seconds you can create one and share a link. It's a "secret weapon" for people who send important business documents.

Drop in a doc or link

One-click branding

And share

From ugly mess to elegant microsite

In 30 seconds you can create a beautiful space – with access controls and metrics – for your client, prospect or business partner to view.

Any device, cloud or file format

No more "I couldn't open it" problems. Drop any common file type into a Docpack, and viewers will be able to open and see it.

Docpack integrates with your cloud storage directly, or you can use local files from your device. Fully flexible.

It truly works everywhere – make ("publish") and view Docpacks from any device.

Learn more about the many benefits of using Docpack versus email attachments and cloud links.