Recruiting and talent acquisition

Docpacks make recruiting much faster, easier and smarter. You'll always know who has read what, and which candidates or team members are engaged or not.

"I'm amazed this was not invented earlier! There are just so many problems with links and attachments. Docpack is amazing."

Technical recruiter team lead

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Docpacks create themselves  in seconds

Just drop in the documents you want to share...

And instantly get a beautiful space, with share link

See why recruiters are saying it's "mind-blowing" and they'll "never ever go back" to old-style links and attachments.

✔️Forever free    ✔️Seconds to get started    ✔️No credit card

Docpacks create themselves  in seconds

When your clients, stakeholders and candidates view them...

You'll know exactly what they looked at, and can make smarter decisions.

Less time chasing – more getting results 

Chasing clients, candidates, stakeholders is time-consuming and frustrating. Docpack can cut that down by 75%, and give you that time back, to work on your real job.

Using Docpacks is just as easy as email attachments – but vastly better.